Over the course of the pandemic, many people and organizations turned to virtual meetings, presentations, programs, and performances.  This firm grip in the ether world is here to stay, and I'm delighted to take part in the editing of video that's been captured on various platforms for posterity's sake.  

First, I listen to what you have to say about what you want.  Then, I do my best to make that happen using your video.  If you need something more, ask.  I'm here to help.

DM Video Designs.  Imagine your story with a little magic! (Logo: Circles, Triangle, Wand) Community. Strength. Magic. DM Video Designs.Music provided by Claude Signet, "Gentlemen's Stories," Epidemic Sound.

Storytelling is the umbrella under which my pursuits thrive.

Other areas of interest include:

Patchwork: A Storytelling Guild


Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild

The William Trent House Museum

Isaac Pearson

Mansion & Park 

Princeton Storytelling Circle