DM Video Designs

Video Editing, Production, & Creative Content by Denise McCormack


DM Video Designs will

  • Edit video content to create beautiful and cohesive productions

Turn Zoom recordings into polished gems with full intros, audio, animation, text, credits, and other addends

  • Record special events, presentations, programs, and performances, virtually or on location

  • Convert VHS to Digital formats

Contact me for details.

Related services

  • still shots; thumbnails

  • animations

  • logo

  • video promos

  • print and digital flyers

  • YouTube channel setup

    • create banner and links

    • upload content

    • setup closed captioning

  • audio enhancement

  • audio/video productions & podcasts

  • website building

  • text content creation and editing

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

I strive to maintain a diverse and respectful community environment where everyone feels included and free from harassment and discrimination. Indeed, such understanding is at the heart of my mission and vision.

Affiliates may be seen as representing me, and I will investigate any reports of impropriety that undermine my core values and will take action to prevent further harm.

Any content not original for this project, including music, photos, or video, must be from the public domain and designated for fair use under the Creative Commons license, or similar, and attribution given in the credits.

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